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Treasure Island as a planetary voyage in search of pirate gold:

Treasure! (Front Cover)

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Treasure Island as a planetary voyage
The same high adventure with the same lowly rascals
in a futuristic setting with a few new twists

Treasure! is a science-fiction version of the classic story, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, one of the great adventure tales of all time. Treasure! creates a futuristic environment in which Jarret Owlin (Jim Hawkins) finds a treasure map left by an old rogue who’d sought seclusion at the Owlin family inn. The man dies after being tracked down by a pirate band and Jarret has to flee with the map to escape them. He takes it to the doctor and together with a wealthy landowner they set off on an interplanetary voyage to find the pirate gold. But they set off without realizing that the crew they’ve taken on is a pirate band led by Flash Tik Argent (Long John Silver), the very band they’d meant to escape.


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